dimanche 1 juillet 2012

Stage (Workshop) , Juillet (July) Suisse/ Switzerland - with Martha Rodezno (F) and Aline Leclerc (F)

JULI 2012
FRI 6 – WED 11                    19:00-21:30 (FRI) / 12:00-18:00 (SAT) / 12:00-17:00 (SUN)
                                               13:00-19:00 (MON-WED)
                                               CI Summer Intensive: 

Sensory Movement and Osteo-Awakening
with  Martha Rodezno (F) and Aline Leclerc (F)

Costs: CHF 300.00 
(CHF 200.00 for FRI 6 – SUN 8 only)
Application deadline: June 22, 2012
This workshop will allow you to study how complementary the two propositions, Sensory-movement and Osteo-awakening, are. In order to refine our explorations of the basics in Contact Dance. 
To revisit the supports of our inner body will make the approach to Contact Dance much easier. It will also be an opportunity to find tools to get into a state of improvisation and to bring our mind into action!
Improvisation creates a state in our body that is close to that of meditation, a state of awakening and the perception of the “here and now”.
To connect with the various materials of the body from precise physical points allows us to enter organic states, which will enable us to slide towards an improvisation with more presence in our creative flow.
The partner you work with as you’re dancing will become a support to your movements in space.
The workshop is strongly influenced by the method of Danis Bois, PhD, originally a physiotherapist and osteopath. He is now Professor in charge of research programmes linking health and lifelong learning. Some of his tools are Fascialtherapy and Somatic psychoeducation. Little known in Germany and Switzerland, the method is taught and practised since 20 years in many countries. The other influence is the work of Michèle Tarento who developed Osteo-EveilÓ. Both methods allow anyone interested in a very subtle and refined approach to Contact Improvisation to deepen their understanding for body structures and how sensing, feeling and acting/moving are interactive learning tools. The workshop offers new experiences to the very beginner who looks for a sensitive approach as well as the expert Contact Dancer, searching for a deepening in his experiences and a fresh look on the possibilities and creativity in Contact Improvisation. The workshop is equally interesting for anyone involved in physical work and therapy.

Martha Rodezno
Salvadorian Martha arrived in Paris in 1979 and worked as a dancer in several contemporary dance companies between the 80’s and 90’s. 
Her artistic research is nourished by the link she finds in her experience as a dancer and “Sensorial Movement Training”, which also guided her interest towards the art of the “here and now” that improvising needs. She studied with performers like Julyen Hamilton, Kirstie Simson, Andrew Morrish, Rosalind Crisp and Soto Hoffman.

Aline Lecler. Teacher, dancer and performer. In 1981, the discovery of contact improvisation allows her to carry on her query about the movement that she teaches at school in Paris. She passionately uses Osteo-EveilÓ, created by doctor, choreograph, dancer and osteopath Michèle Tarento. Since 1984 they showcase together performances that allow them to explore the “plastic” qualities of life in relation with our environment (e.g. Bellastock 2011).
Language: English/French (auf Wunsch mit deutscher Übersetzung)
Es besteht die Möglichkeit den Workshop nur Fre/Sam/Son, von 6.-8.
Juli zu besuchen.

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